Dr. Conrad Murray . Moonwalking right into prison … SHA-MOAN.

6 Feb

I’m trying to figure out how Michael Jacksons’ doctor didn’t think he was going to jail. I knew that from day one. You can’t pump some 160 lb. man full of drugs that could lay out a 2 ton elephant and not know that your doing something wrong. I’ve done my fair share of things in my past, and to put to rest a guy that took prescription drugs everyday, well you had to give him a sh#@load  of top grade narcotics. Good old Dr. Murray decided to let his greed get the better side of him, showing once again that when you are famous or rich you can manipulate people like doctors’ to acquire anything regardless if  it will help you or hurt you in the end. I bet you if I went to the doctors’ and tried to get those high powered drugs that I would be questioned out the ass about it. Hell I might even get reported, but when social standings, money, and greed kick in it is no longer a judgment of what’s right or wrong. It’s just a matter of what can I get out of the deal. Forgive me for saying that I’m not really a M.J. fan, but in the end it doesn’t matter who it was. Simply put a  fact is a fact, and because of someones’ greed and selfishness someone lost their life and many people will feel the pain of one persons’ ignorance.

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