What is wrong with us. The falling society we live in.

5 Feb

What’s up ? Society has slowly falling into a pit of decay, which in turn has turned this world into an uptight and uncomfortable place. In a world where laughter is needed to survive I’m starting to realize that it is hard to keep smiling sometimes. The thing that confuses me the most about it all is that the things that are mainly destroying the world – war, addiction, child abuse – are things that start off as a good thing. Such as war, we go over somewhere to lend a helping hand, but it always goes out of control. Same with addiction of any kind usually starts as a way to have a little fun, put some spark into our lives so to say, but when that spark becomes a flame it becomes a problem that has the potential to destroy the lives of families and friends. I hate child abuse too, a child is brought into the world to bring peace, love, and a family bonding, but the pressures of being a parent are to demanding for some people. Then find a couple who wants a child and can’t conceive. Instead of bring damage upon you and an innocent baby you could turn it into a win, win situation. So many problems that are so easily fixable yet it seems to be a never ending saga of destruction. I’m not going to leave this on a bad note. I do believe that times are insane, but everyone has to release the tension one way or another. I make an ass out of myself on a daily basis, but I do know how to make time for  business and pleasure. I built these 2 websites one is more of a store, but the other is pretty wild, and I do show the complete assiness of my existence. If you get bored check them out for me. Thanx 4 your time, and try and have a good 1.

http://www.scottenterprises-2010.com – (toys, electronics, spy gear, surveillance, games, exercise equipment, home remodeling products, and more)

http://www.cheeseballentertainment-2010.com – (weird, funny stuff. homemade videos, designs, drawings, stories, ideals & more)

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