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Johnny Depp goes to help 3 men suspected of murder

26 Feb (buy from the blue monkey and save) (just a weird ass website)
             I have read the story on people like Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, and the Dixie Chics. They are taking a stand on an old case were three young teenage were accused of murdering three 8 year old boys. Don’t get me wrong that’s awesome. Especially if they are innocent. If they end up guilty then it was just a waste of time and money. Where I get confused it there was a book and I’m sure other media attention to it. Yet after 16 years of sitting in jail, and one even on death row. No appeals works, no pleads works, nothing works till now ? Is the judicial system so messed up that the only way to be heard is if you are famous. Then I guess your words are worth something. I guess the Mom of the boy who is still sitting on death row. I guess her pleads weren’t good enough for the detectives. To make sure they didn’t convict innocent people. Now don’t get me wrong Johnny Depp gets much respect. If the boys are innocent and nobody would help, then more power to everyone who stepped in. When it takes an actor to do the job of the police. What kind of world is this ? Imagine sitting in jail for 16 years, for nothing. They were probably pleading their case and filing paper after, and nothing happens. Thank God someone was willing to go back over the case and see if it’s legitimate. I just don’t get it. I bet if the teenagers were kids of police offers or government officials that the case would have got a second look. The worst part is the kids were mostly accused because of their appearances and lifestyle in the first place. Thank goodness we live in a society where getting a conviction is more important then doing what’s right (that was a joke). Best of luck to the guys who are still sitting in the slammer because of some faulty forensics work. I might have to go to court, any celebrities out their want to represent me ? Might as well because at least their words will be heard. Once again I must give a shoutout. SOCIETY IS MESSED UP.
           By: Scott M. Spangenberg

Work at home tips and tricks

25 Feb
Working at home is a possible task, but figuring out what is right for you is the trick. I’m not into the reseller rightsthat much. I tried
it and had no luck, but if your a real good hustler I could see the possibilities. My final conclusion was simple and easy. Affiliate
stores. Not much start money needed and a variety of choices. You can even find free and low cost affiliate store building software
Just set it up and give it a shot. I also found that blogs and places like squidoo and hubpages allow you to link affiliate sites to your
pages and make money. Just get a blog at somewhere wordpress, blogger, yahoo or somewhere and start spreading the word. I
have several blogs. Why not ? Go sign up for an account with squidoo or hubpages and hook up your affiliate accounts to it. Like
your Google ad sense, E bay, and Amazon affiliate accounts. The trick is to get it moving and get the word out. Other then blogs
use social websites to spread the word. Like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Plus start some serious social bookmarking to get
it going a little better. Some real good social bookmarking sites are Digg, delicious, propeller, stumbleupon, and reddit. I also use
free classifieds ads just to put it out there a little more. I think a few good ones are craigslist, oodle, freeclassifiedads, adpost, and
sales spider. For what I gathered the more hits to your site the better rankings you should get on the search engines. You can earn
hits from places like trafficbunnies or traffic pods, but I question the web surfing sites. I did find linkrefferal where you know that
actual people hit your site. I also get traffic sent to me by places like webtraffic wholesalers and Revisitors. Big difference though.
When buying traffic make sure you are getting what you want the prices fluctuate a lot. I’m not saying that it’s an easy thing to make
money from home, but the possibilities are definitely there. Plus find your own thing. Untouched territory try different websites you
will have trial and error, but you might strike gold too. Fighting your way to the top is hard, but rewarding so just stick to your guns.
Don’t let a couple fall backs hold you down, just keep on rolling with the punches. If you are thinking of trying a reseller rights work
from home pack. Be careful and read into your free trials and how the system works, don’t get scammed by some asshole. Thanx. – Buy from the blue monkey and save money

What is Religion now a days ?

24 Feb (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)

          I was reading the top stories the other day, and one of them was. “The Pope now calls child abuse a crime of obstruction”, or something like that. I remember thinking when the hell wasn’t it ? See one thing I never understood. I do have a firm belief, granted I’m far from perfect, but in the end I have a firm belief. I’m nobody special though. Yet when the Pope speaks or comes to town he is looked at as a God. Not a man of God, but as someone higher. People get on their knees and kiss his ring, and seems to enjoy it. I know my Bible, and in it states that you should bow down to no man. Even John the Baptist wouldn’t let people get down and worship him. I think Religion has got very misconstrued over the years.I also believe that is the reason for so many people wanting to look in other directions for answers. I remember rumor of child molestation cover up a few years back. In what religion should any child abuse case be covered up ? I understand why people are driven away, and it’s a shame. When something that is meant for peace, love, and harmony is twisted to driving away the same people it should be embracing. What is to come next ? The most trusted people in the World are now also looked at as our most vicious predators. I always thought that I was crazy and my points are view are a little off the wall. I’ve learned that I’m not cold-hearted, and that my morals are apparently higher than those who are supposed to make people and their families feel safe. How can a teacher or a preacher develop the feature to become a creature ? In a society when the fingers are pointed at everyone else. Let me leave you with a Biblical saying. When judging another you must first take the plank out of your own eye. Before removing the speck from your brothers eye.

 By: Scott M. Spangenberg

The shit that killed

23 Feb

I wasn’t sure how it was possible, but apparently you can actually die from taking a poop.  To be honest several people die every year from poop related causes. I’ve had my moments when I would squeeze and squeeze. Just to produce a nugget the size of a prune. That squeezing can actually kill you. Apparently it’s possible to squeeze your ass checks so hard that it gives you a heart attack. Makes you never want a bad case of constipation, huh ? Another way that the drop and squat can kill you…. twisted colon (be a good name for a band). Do you remember the Bee – Gee’s ? You know “Staying Alive”. That one guy Maurice Gibb that’s how he died. He pushed that piece crap through his bowels so hard that he twisted his colon. I would guess the bacteria from the intestines got in his blood stream and killed him. I actually worked with guy who had a sunflower seed shell scratch his intestinal wall. It didn’t kill him, but he was in the hospital for 3 or 4 weeks. I never really thought that taking a dump could be so tragic. So if you read this post remember …. no over squeezing, just let it glide out naturally. Don’t blow out your heart or twist your fragile colon just because your backed up. Take some Metamucil or something. Besides I know I’m going to die someday, but I don’t want to be found pants down on the toilet. – Buy from the blue monkey and save money. – Just weird – Just another blog

Cute childrens’ stories

22 Feb (electronics, toys, exercise equipment, home remodeling products)


Windy was a leaf from a Maple tree, until the wind blew and set Windy free.

There was so many things Windy wanted to see, now he shares his story with you and me.

The wind started to blow and Windy started to rise, as he rose he saw a bee and a couple of flies.

“Hi Mr. Bumble Bee you fly around so funny,” “Well little leaf I’m looking for some honey.”

“And you Mr. Fly what are you doing today ?” “I’m meeting my friends so we can go and play.”

The wind blew again and Windy rose higher above, then he saw two birds playing with a dove.

Windy watched them fly he thinks they are the best, he knows a bird named Tom he lives in a nest.

The blew again and Windy flew so, so far, he saw a little boy playing with a toy racecar.

“Oh I wish I could do that but I don’t have wheels,” so he landed on top of the car to see how it feels.

Windy was having so much fun but it was getting late, and he was hungry it’s been a while since he ate.

So Windy flew home and told his Mom all he did see , then he fell asleep in his house up in a tree.
 By: Scott M. Spangenberg


A Childrens Story – Rhyming story

21 Feb

It was a quiet day in Hazeywood Forest. So peaceful and calm not even a tourist.
The sun was shining the grass was glistening. You could hear the birds chirping
if you were listening.
Lil’ Cub was sitting at home all alone. “I wonder who I can call on the telephone.”
See his Mom was out shopping with his younger sister Kate. His Dad wasn’t home
because he had to work late.
Lil’ Cub was bored he wanted to have some fun. So he decided he would try and
call someone.
“Maybe I’ll call Vicky or my friend the gnome. Lil’ Cub dialed the numbers but no
one was home.
He paced back and forth across the kitchen floor. Then he heard a knock on the
front door.
”Oh my goodness,” he said. “I wonder who that can be?” He peaked out the window
and saw Bobby and Peggy Lee.
He really liked them they were bears just like him. They went to school together and
played soccer in the gym.
He opened the door,” I’m so happy to see you guys!”  “Come with us Lil’ Cub we
have a surprise.
So Lil’ Cub followed them down a dirt road. They walked by a stream and saw two
fish, and a toad.
”Hey,” Bobby said. “ I wonder what else we’ll see?”  “ Wow! Look over there!”
Exclaimed Peggy Lee.
When Lil’ Cub looked over what did appear? A baby doe with her Daddy a
All three of them were so happy everything was so great, but they had to keep
moving or else they’d be late.
“Oh Lil’ Cub,” said Bobby and Peggy Lee. “We can’t wait for you to meet our
Lil’ Cub was so happy he has never met them before, but he started to get nervous
as he got near the door.
Lil’ Cub was scared he didn’t know what to say. So Bobby asked him “Lil’ Cub are
you feeling okay?”
“I don’t know,” he answered.”My tummy feels funny. Peggy Lee chuckled.”Maybe
you need some honey.”
Bobby started to laugh and Lil’ Cub started to grin. Then they heard a loud voice
saying “Kids come on in.”
He walked in their house and a large bear approached him. “Nice to meet you Lil’
Cub I’m their Father Mr. Jim.”
Then in walked their Mom and she said with a smile. “It’s nice to finally meet you,
we’ve been waiting for a while.”
Lil’ Cub replied “It’s so nice to meet you too.” “So,” Mr. Jim asked. “What would
you kids like to do?”
Then Bobby spoke up “Hey Dad can Lil’ Cub spend the night?”  “Only if his
parents say that it’s alright.
The kids were all happy, they were jumping up and down, but then Lil’ Cub got
upset, and he began to frown.
Lil’ Cub said ”I don’t know if my parents are home yet.” Their Mom said “Try to
call them Lil’ Cub, don’t get upset.”
The phone started to ring Lil’ Cub wondered where else did they go? But on the
third ring he heard a voice “Good-evening,hello.”
He asked if he could stay over and his Mom said he could. At the end of the call
she said “I love you and Lil’ Cub please be good.”
They decided to go out and play at the park, but then they had to leave because
it was getting dark.
“Oh thank you,” said Lil’ Cub.” I’ve had so much fun.” Then Peggy Lee told him
to wait because the nights not done.
When they got back they noticed that they all smelt funny. So Mr. Jim said “Kids
take a bath then you can have some honey.”
So they got their soap and jumped in the bath. They had so much fun that they
started to laugh.
Then Lil’ Cub got up and jumped right out the window. Bobby asked Peggy Lee
“Where did Lil’ Cub go?”
Peggy Lee saw him and asked “What’s the matter Lil’ Cub?” “What’s a matter
with me?” He exclaimed.”There’s a duck in your tub!”
Bobby explained to him “That it’s not real, that it’s fake.” Then he said“So get back
in the tub for goodness sake.”
They all washed up, they were all finished bathing. Then Peggy Lee spoke up
“Honey is what I’m craving.”
Lil’ Cub loved the honey, and all the books they read. Then their Mom told them
“Kids it’s time for bed.”
All three laid in bed, and were tucked in real tight. Lil’ Cub said “Thank you,”and
“Have a good night.”
Lil’ Cub laid there and wondered, where is my surprise? But he had so much fun
he didn’t care. Lil’ Cub smiled and closed his eyes.

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